Fight For Freedom Support Kit


Your pocket Bodyguard


If you enjoy an active lifestyle, if you deal with a dangerous job, if you are an athlete, if you are on the front line, if you have muscle cramps, and if you just live!
You will find the body protection kit useful – against burns, pain and infections.
The kit includes 3 sprays:

Combat Panthenol – for burns,
Combat Ice – for muscle pain,
Combat BioGuard – for infections.



visited to doctor due to burns in the world in 2019


people were injured in the world in 2021


die from bacterial infections every year

Combat Panthenol
Combat Panthenol
burn remedy
Combat Ice
Combat Ice
remedy for bruises and sprains
Combat BioGuard
Combat BioGuard
disinfectant Alcohol free!

Your pocket Bodyguard

BodyGuard Spray Set

20,00 $

The kit includes 3 sprays: Combat Panthenol – for burns, Combat Ice – for muscle pain, Combat BioGuard – for infections.


Body protection kit includes:

Combat Panthenol

The tool is specially designed to promote the regeneration of skin tissues after sun and thermal burns, has a restorative effect. The high content of dexpanthenol (D-panthenol) in the foam intensively moisturizes damaged areas of the epidermis and promotes their recovery at the cellular level, helps smooth out problem areas and dehydration. This ingredient is quickly absorbed into the tissues and turns into pantothenic acid. Thanks to aloe vera extract and celandine, the foam actively restores damaged areas of the epidermis, quickly soothes and intensively moisturizes the skin. Vitamins A, E, F in this product contribute to reliable antioxidant protection, tone and soften the skin. The foam is easy to apply, quickly absorbed and does not leave marks on clothes.

Combat Ice

Artificial ice, a skin-safe freezer that instantly lowers the body temperature at the site of damage, prevents the formation of hematomas and bruises, which minimizes pain. If you are injured, you can react quickly and immediately return to the formation. The drug does not contain freon, only natural essential oils, which work as aromatherapy and significantly reduce pain sensations. Can be used as part of cryogenic therapy under the supervision of a doctor.

Combat BioGuard

The tool has virulicidal, bacterial activity against resistant bacteria and fungi, prevents the accumulation of mold and allergens. Suitable for disinfection of the skin of hands (contains softening components), clothes, air and surfaces in domestic common areas.
Does not contain alcohol!


Вес 0,35 кг
Габариты 14 × 4,5 × 14 см



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In our fast-moving world, we are facing a constant threat to our health from injuries, burns and dangerous infections!

Protect yourself and your family!