Disinfectant intended for hygienic disinfection of hands, skin, surfaces and instruments. It has a wide spectrum of action (virucidal, bactericidal, fungicidal). Destroys bacteria, viruses (incl. parenteral viral hepatitis, HIV), fungi. Combat BioGuard disinfectant spray is a ready-made solution for external use. Does not require the use of water and rinsing.

Alcohol free!

Purpose of antiseptic:
hygienic hand disinfection; surgical hand disinfection;
antiseptic treatment of the skin of the operating and injection fields of the skin, elbow folds;
antiseptic treatment of the skin of the legs (feet) in order to prevent fungal diseases;
disinfection of medical surfaces;
medical and preventive and health facilities;
restaurant and hotel business, catering establishments, trade, cosmetic and hairdressing salons;
children’s and educational institutions;
disinfection of medical devices, dental instruments, hairdressing, manicure and cosmetology tools for automobile, aviation, railway and public transport.

Characteristic properties of the tool:
has a wide spectrum of action (virulicidal, bactericidal, fungicidal);
destroys bacteria, viruses (including parenteral viral hepatitis, HIV, Covid-19), fungi;
does not require the use of water, washing and drying of the skin;
easily applied to the skin using a sprayer;
softens the skin, preserves its elasticity and natural water-fat balance;
leaves a pleasant feeling of clean, well-groomed and moisturized skin.

Characteristics Age: no age limit

Storage conditions:
in a dark place at a temperature from -25 to +40, away from sources of heat and fire, out of the reach of children. By skin type: for all skin types

Volume: 100 ml

Safety measures:
do not use on mucous membranes. For external use only as intended.

not suitable for antiseptic treatment of mucous membranes, do not allow contact with eyes, do not allow it to enter the stomach, do not use on open wounds and burns. Application method: spray on dry skin of hands, body or surface and rub until completely dry.
Do not wash off the product.

The expiration date is indicated on the bottom of the can.